What role do emotions play in the workplace

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What were the individual social needs that most employees bring with them into the organizations they work for?

What role do emotions play in the workplace?

What is emotional labor and what do organizations need to understand about emotional labor and their employees? What are the two emotional labor strategies?

What are three important A’s for helping remind us how to regulate emotional responses?

What roles do stress and burnout have in the way people manage emotions and work in their organizations?

What is social support and what are the important types of social support that can be activated in organizations to help employees?

What are ways to build empathy and trust in organizational relationships?

Why is listening so important in organizations and what do you need to do to actively listen?

What roles do our perceptions play in our organizational relationships?

What are some important things we need to understand about nonverbal communication to have successful organizational relationships?

Why is it important to be aware of our own personality traits and those of fellow employees? What are some tools for helping us learn about our personalities?

Know the definitions of and influence of each of the following concepts on organizational relationships:

Emotional intelligence

Attribution theory

Fundamental attribution error

How does decision-making work in organizations and how does decision-making affect organizational relationships?

What are some barriers to effective decision-making?

What are methods for improving decision-making?

What is the role of ethics on relationships in organizations?

Reference no: EM132184637

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