What role do communication skill play in recruitment process

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What drives the organization’s creativity, enhances its efficiency and processes, entices new customers and revenues, and helps it adapt to changing competitive environments?

Why is it so important to choose the “right” employees? What tools can help an organization make these decisions? How do you choose what tools to use?

How do great managers focus on when they are recruiting new employees?

What role do communication skills play in the recruitment process?

What are the components of attitudes and what role do attitudes play in recruitment?

Be familiar with the information about Southwest Airlines in the examples and case studies in this chapter.

Describe the socialization process in organizations (including anticipatory socialization, metamorphosis, and organizational exit).

What factors affect the socialization process for individual employees in an organization?

What are some things that employees can do to help themselves through the socialization process?

Be familiar with some of the new technologies used in organizational recruitment and socialization.

Reference no: EM132184643

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