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In the US trade dispute over the 20-year, French-led EU ban on hormone-treated US beef, the US has threatened to impose a 300% duty on the import of Roquefort cheese, driving its price in the US to a very high £60/Kg.

Please answer the following questions: . What was the intention of the duty imposition? At whom was it aimed? Whom was it trying to protect?

Which other notable EU companies were affected by the duty? Were there any international companies with sales in multiple countries?

How were they affected and why?

Which other notable US companies were affected by the duty?

How were they affected and why?

What role did the WTO play in this dispute?

Would you consider the WTO successful? Why?

Can you estimate relative economic value of the US dutied items versus the economic value of the lost EU market to US beef producers?

Were they balanced or asymmetrical? 800 words properly referenced; a minimum of 5 references

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Reference no: EM13662486

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