What role did tennessee play in the civil war

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Discuss the first permanent settlements of present day Tennessee. Who were early explorers and first settlers to the area? Included in your essay, cite the first 14 counties and 3 districts. Did religion and education play a factor in the early history of Tennessee, if so, how? After the fall of the State of Franklin, attempts were made for permanent statehood. Who were some of the individuals who proposed statehood and assisted in the draft of the constitution of 1796? Thomas Jefferson cited that the Tennessee constitution was the most "Republic" of all the states. Give some of the provisions of the first constitution.

What role did Tennessee play in the Civil War? What factors were exclusive to Tennessee's involvement in the Civil War process? Why was Tennessee a prize to both the north and the south? Discuss any battles that were key to the fall of Tennessee and individuals that were involved in the battles. Were there any Tennesseans that became heroes, on both sides during the war, and who were they? Was Reconstruction a success or failure in Tennessee? What and how were entitlements granted in Tennessee?

Reference no: EM13848722

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