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Assignment: Managerial Tasks in Strategy Execution

While companies must tailor their strategy-executing approaches to their particular situation, there are eight managerial tasks which are common elements in executing strategies. Review the eight components of strategy execution and develop a PowerPoint presentation which applies each of these components to an organization of your choice. Include at least three visual elements such as charts or graphs to complement your presentation.

Consider the following while developing your PowerPoint presentation:

• Discuss what is involved in performing the eight key managerial tasks that shape the process of implementing and executing strategy.

• Explore building resource strengths and organizational capabilities including: marshaling resources, instituting strategy-facilitating policies and procedures, adopting best practices, installing operating systems, and tying rewards to the achievement of good results.

• Explain what role a company's culture plays in executing these managerial tasks.

Present your findings in an 8 slide PowerPoint presentation. Use the notes section to clarify your work. Cite your sources and apply APA standards for writing style to your presentation.

Reference no: EM131339487

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