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Suppose lead time takes between 1 and 10 days, with each lead time equally likely (e.g. there is a 10% chance lead time is 1 day, a 10% chance lead time is 2 days, etc.) If daily demand is for 100 units, what reorder level will guarantee a 90% chance they don’t stock out?

Reference no: EM131435738

What are total annual fixed order costs for organic hummus

Andronico’s in the financial center is open 300 days a year. They sell Organic Hummus; and sales are approximately normally distributed with an average of 100 tubs/day and a s

Obligation to make these facts known to prospective buyer

Real estate broke Molly Smith has listed a house for sale that is located in a floodplain and has been flooded on several occasions. Does Molly have an obligation to make thes

Discuss risks of doing business in different regions

At the conclusion of Baidu's final strategic planning session, Robin Li (Cofounder, Chairman, and CEO) assigned you to prepare a written report and announcement that would be

Evaluation gives you high marks for your technical skills

You are a bright, hard-working, entry-level manager who fully intends to rise up through the ranks. Your performance evaluation gives you high marks for your technical skills,

Employees should be used to such rude and crude behavior

A construction company was sued for harassment when it failed to take seriously the complaints about offensive graffiti scrawled on rented portable toilets. The employer defen

Measuring supply chain performance

From the previous written assignments and presentations, develop a comprehensive operations strategy for your organization (or imaginary one) by bringing everything together

Identify key performance objectives

The Green Organization has contracted with you to develop a training program for improving performance and effectiveness in their regional offices globally in the Real Estate

Is the loss of our topsoil really benefiting mother nature

Specifying the topic, the premises, and the conclusion or conclusions. Be sure to use indicator words to identify the topic and relationships between the premises and the conc


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