What recreation facilities are offered

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The first step in any marketing plan is to analyze your facility. For this assignment, select any lodging facility in your area and complete the following checklist:

What is the facility (resort, hotel, motel, inn, or any other type)?

How large is the facility (number of guest rooms, number of restaurant seats, and size and type of meeting space)?

Where is it located (distance to airport, distance to major attractions, population of city, and closest competitors)?

How established is the business (image within community and position in marketplace)? Is the business seasonal?

In what condition is the facility (age and condition of interior and exterior)?

What recreation facilities are offered?

What food service facilities are offered?

What conference and meeting facilities are offered? How many attendees can be accommodated in each type of meeting facility?

Assume you are planning a conference for around 100 people which will last three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Based on the information provided in Chapter 4, what are your requirements for your meeting space? Will the facility you analyzed for this assignment meet your needs? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13845202

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