What reconciliation does the article refer to

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Question: Complete the attached assignment and return to me via Canvas: From the article "What are the Seven Internal Control Procedures in Accounting"

1. How can small businesses, with only a few employees, implement the separation of duties internal control?

2. How long does it typically take fraud to be detected?

3. Access Controls, one of the seven accounting internal controls, refers to what?

4. Standardizing documents refers to what?

5. What reconciliation does the article refer to?

From the Fraud Protection Video: 5 Steps to Reduce Small Business Fraud (By TheACFE)

1. Identify the five fraud protection techniques discussed in the video

From the Small Business Fraud video: Prevent Small Business Fraud (By Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants®)

1. What is the Fraud Triangle?

2. Identify three examples of how fraud can be detected

3. Identify three fraud "motives" why a person would commit fraud?

4. Identify three "rationalization" reasons why a person would commit fraud?

Reference no: EM132184207

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