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This Practical Book Review provides an opportunity for you to reflect on, respond to, and evaluate the ideas and concepts in Petersen's (2015) Why Don't We Listen Better? based on your own life experiences and apply them to your own journey. Your review must be organized under the 4 section headings Summary, Response, Critique, and Application, specific directions for which are provided below. Each section must be approximately 400 words (a 10% deviation in either direction is acceptable). Your review must be well written and organized, free of grammar and other writing errors, and formatted according to current APA style. A title page and a reference page are expected, but an abstract is not needed. Also, you may use the first person pronoun in all sections except the summary.


Provide a concise, objective overview of the main concepts, principles, and strategies articulated in the book. You may include a few short quotes to describe key ideas; however, rely mainly on paraphrasing. Do not simply annotate the table of contents or revise an existing description of the book. Rather, demonstrate understanding of the content.


Articulate a personalized response that demonstrates meaningful reflection on the core content. What parts of this book are about you? Did any of the stories or descriptions trigger a memory? What insights did you gain about your own interpersonal communication skills and habits? Did you identify with any of the communication traps?


Evaluate the book from your own point-of-view. What questions emerged as you were reading? What aspects were particularly helpful to you? Were any of the concepts unclear or insufficiently developed? Compare and/or contrast Petersen's ideas with related concepts in at least 2 of the other required course texts (and list these on the reference page along with the Petersen text).


Looking forward, apply what you have learned to your own interpersonal arena. What changes do you need to make in light of the information gleaned from Petersen's book? Describe strategies and techniques that you plan to implement in order to improve your interpersonal communication style and enhance your relationships, both personally and professionally.


Petersen, J. C. (2015). Why don't we listen better? Communicating & connecting in relationships (Revised and expanded ed.). Portland, OR: Petersen Publications. ISBN: 9780979155956.

5-6 pages 1600 words or more book review. APA 6th edition format, cite reference book.

Kindle information below to access book:


Password: march21

Reference no: EM131316857

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