What processes are indispensable to be performed

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1. Define business processes

What ABC Manufacturing does? Discuss the business activities/processes of the organisation to show your understanding about the business.(250 words)

2. Develop business requirements

a) What processes are indispensable to be performed?

b) What outcomes are required from these processes to achieve business objectives?

3. Determine the systems requirements

What are some of the possible software features or functionalities that the firm should consider to achieve their IT investment objective?

4. Software selection

a) Visit the web sites of accounting software package vendors (e.g. SAP, MYOB, Xero etc.). You need to visit at least 3 (three) software vendors' websites.

b) Which category of accounting software (low, medium or high-end/ERP) suitable for the firm? Give your justifications in detail.

5. Vendor selection

a) Compare and contrast the features/ functionalities of two accounting software packages offered by accounting software package vendors (e.g. SAP, MYOB, Xero etc.) within your selected category in question 4.

c) Which one would be the most suitable vendor (and accounting software package) for the ABC Manufacturing and why?

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Reference no: EM13730228

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