What privacy do we have in the workplace

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Critical Thinking Application 6-A: What Privacy Do We Have in the Workplace?

Submit a well-written response containing 300-400 words (not including the title page or references. Cite all sources in APA format. Cite at least two sources, including at least one peer-reviewed journal article and eeoc.gov.

Should the company be allowed to ask such questions? Thinking of all the issues that you consider when taking a position, or if you aren’t sure what your position is, what additional information do you need? How would the company prove the “job relatedness” of such a test? (Review chapter 3 or go to www.eeoc.gov for discussion of this term.) When must the company prove “job relatedness” of the test? In the state of Tennessee, can a company use political information to make decisions about people? Should employers be restricted in their use of Web-based information to make decisions of job candidates and current employees?

Reference no: EM131125529

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