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Colgate Palmolive company has just paid an annual dividend of $1.04. Analysis are predicting a(n) 10.7% per year growth rate in earnings over the next 5 yrs. After that, Colgate earnings are expected to grow at the current industry average of 5.9% per year. If Colgate's equity cost of capital is 7.1% per year and its dividend payout ratio remains constant, what price does the dividend discount model predict Colgate stock should sell for?

Reference no: EM131073094

Disclosure of estimates nancy tercek

Give your opinion on the following statement and cite reasons: "Because Tercek, the vice president, is most directly responsible for the media release, Lilly has no real respo

Goals and mission statement to the stakeholders

The second part of the Financial Statements paper will look at the financial statements of Home Depot to ascertain how effective the company's management is in achieving its

Several events which influence the cash flows

Future cash flows are, in many cases, subject to change. List several events that could occur that might influence the cash flows in this situation.

What are the findings of the paper

What is the issue being addressed in the paper?-  What are the findings of the paper? -  Why is this paper important to auditors, and what are the implications of this paper f

Prepare the journal entries to record the factory, sales

Prepare a schedule showing the employer's total cost of wages for November by function. Prepare the journal entries to record the factory, sales, and administrative payrolls

Calculate great falls brewerys minimum acceptable

Great Falls Brewery's regular selling price for a case of beer is $15. Variable costs are $8 per case and fixed costs total $2 per case based on production of 250,000 cases.

Corporation current earnings and profits

Computation was a disallowed penalty of $25,000, life insurance proceeds of $100,000, and an income tax refund from 2009 of $50,000. Au Sable is an accrual basis taxpayer. T

Shipping alternatives two-day freight

A manager at Strateline Manufacturing must choose between two shipping alternatives two-day freight and five-day freight. Using five day freight would cost $135 less than us


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