What preceded this digital technology
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Assignment: Media Technology

Research & Writing Task: Choose a digital communications technology. Possibilities include online newspapers and/or magazines; e-books; satellite radio; high-definition, satellite and/or over-the-top television; digitally recorded and/or streaming music; digital film; smartphones; virtual reality; or any of the other digital technologies addressed in the Media Now textbook and in class discussions.

(Do not choose an overly broad topic, such as, "the Internet." However, you can select a specific way people use the Internet - blogging and other forms of social media, for example.)

Address the following questions:

• What is the history of the technology? (Please explain who invented the technology, how it has evolved, and how its use has spread. Apply the Diffusion of Innovations theory to the technology.)

• What preceded this digital technology? What was its analog predecessor?

• How does the technology work? What does it allow you to do? Is it better than its analog predecessor? flow? Does the technology have flaws or drawbacks? Are there legal and/or ethical problems associated with this technology?

• Who is using the technology? What do people use it for? How is it being used in other countries around the world?

• What is the future outlook for the technology? Do you expect use to grow? Or will another technology overtake this one?

Minimum Content Requirements:

• Must follow the assignment topic: Must clearly demonstrate your analysis.

• Must use MLA style.

• Must cite at least four different sources. The Media Now textbook may be one source. Other sources may include articles from newspapers, magazines, academic journals and reliable websites.

• Must be at minimum 900 words in the paper's main body. (No filler, please.)

• Use complete sentences in writing your analysis.

• Must include enough examples to fully develop your timeline. All examples must clearly support your analysis.

• Must demonstrate critical thinking, reading and writing

• Must observe appropriate conventions (Spelling, punctuation, grammar)

Please review course and university policies on plagiarism. Severe penalties will ensue.

Formatting Requirements:

• Make sure the title is related to the content.

• Use 12-point Times New Roman font.

• Use 1-inch margins (no larger or smaller.)

• Double-space the entire essay.

• Number all pages - except the first page - on the upper right hand corner.


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This report is about Digital Communication Technology. This solution is of 900 words.The major sections that are covered in this report are Abstract, Introduction, Main Body (With appropriate Headings and Sub-Headings) and References. MLA referencing style has used in this report. Page numbers and table of contents are mentioned in this report.

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Table of Contents

Abstract 3
Introduction 3
Main Body 3
Background of Smartphones 3
Preceded of Smartphone and Analog Predecessor 4
How does Smartphone Works 4
Why digital technology is better than analog technology? 5
Drawbacks of Smartphone Technology 5
Ethical or Legal Problems with Smartphone 5
Users of Smartphone Technology 6
Future of Smartphones 6
References 7


Here in this report we will discuss about an essential topic of Digital Communication Technologies. Today in this world of computer, various communication technologies have been developed by technology developers and in business organizations, educational institutions and at other workplaces and homes, these communication technologies are commonly used to communication and sharing information.

The main purpose of this report is to explore various essential aspects of a particular digital communication technology and how this technology is used at users’ level. The common digital communication technologies are e-books, online newspapers, satellite radio, virtual reality, digital film and smartphones etc. The particular digital communication technology about which we are going to discuss is Smartphones. (Fraser)


Smartphones have become a basic needs of every mobile or internet users. This is a big and significant achievement in mobile industry and communication has become so easy through these smartphones.Now through a smartphone users can access internet, use different mobile applications like Whtsapp, hike etc., social media websites and online shopping websites.

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