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Discussion Question: Comparing Three Theories

For this week's discussion you will consider the scenario below and respond in detail to each of the questions below. Here is the scenario you will use:

Roberta has come to counseling because she is contemplating a divorce from her husband of 12 years. She has been unhappy in her marriage for several years and doesn't think that she and her husband can rekindle the interest necessary in their relationship to make it work. To complicate the situation, she has been seeing a married co-worker for several months on the sly and is sexually involved. Roberta thinks she loves the man she is having an affair with and would like to marry him. Though he wants to continue seeing her he has made it clear that he is unwilling to end his marriage or break up his family to be with her. Roberta and her husband have three young children and she knows a divorce would be crushing to the children. She's come to you for counseling to sort through these issues.

1. In your opinion, which of the following counseling theories would you prefer to use to try and help her: Person-centered, Gestalt or Reality? Choose only one and explain your reasoning in detail.

2. Using your chosen theory from question 1, would you go about helping her sort through her confusion? Be sure to bring in concepts from your chosen counseling theory to show how you would specifically work with her.

3. Roberta is looking for answers to questions she feels unable to answer herself because she is so emotionally involved. After she tells you her story she asks you to give your perspective and advice on what she should do. How would you respond to this request? What potential problems might arise if you do give her direct advice? What potential problems might arise if you don't give your perspective? Be specific and detailed in your response. What would your chosen counseling theory have to say about giving direct advice?

4. At the end of the session, Roberta is very distraught and asks if you would be available to meet her for coffee later that day to continue the conversation in a more casual environment. Under what circumstances might this be appropriate, if at all? What potential conflicts might this create? Be specific and draw upon information from your text and lecture materials to support your points.

Reference no: EM131050630

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