What potential causes of poor decision making existed

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Decision making is a key component of the leading facet of the P-O-L-C framework. What decision-making traps might WorldCom's board have succumbed to? Why might the concept of groupthink be especially relevant to boards?

What potential causes of poor decision making existed at WorldCom during Bernard Ebbers' administration?

What might have happened if Ebbers had been prone to a different conflict-handling style, such as compromise or collaboration?(give examples)

How did having a small "inner circle" of leadership affect the decision-making culture at WorldCom?

What key decisions did Cynthia Cooper make? (be specific)

What responsibility did the board of directors have to detect and confront the decision-making problems at WorldCom?

Please use at least two references to back up your ideas. (other than the text)

Reference no: EM1381262

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