What piece of evidence would actually allow us to measure

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Magnetic field reversals (as represented in the figure above) have been occurring roughly every 200,000 years. If you were to observe iron crystals embedded in oceanic geology that were pointing neither northward or southward, based on plate tectonic theory, what would potentially explain this?

Which piece(s) of evidence offer support of plate tectonic theory being driven by the convection current hypothesis rather than the "expanding Earth" hypothesis (Google it)? Explain your thinking.

Assuming that plate tectonics and continental drift is in fact occurring, as explained by the convection current hypothesis, what is likely true with regards to the relative ages of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans? Might you expect there to be a difference in the diversity of Coral Reef and fish species in these two Oceans? Explain.

What piece of evidence would actually allow us to measure the actual rate at which continental drift is occurring?

Reference no: EM13118931

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Based only on the information given, can you classify this outbreak as an epidemic? Why or why not? If you were an epidemiologist, how would you go about determining which p

Hypothetical dna sequence

Hypothetical DNA sequence (for one strand) for two humans is given. Which of the following type of variation is represented by these sequences? A- ATGCTATATATTTAAITATGCTTCC


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