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I''m applying for a graduated school and I need your help, writing three essays, please see the instructions, I also put some ideas of what I need to say, but if you can add more or change, or have more suggestion please let me know,

I have hard time writing, so I will need to come back to you, this essays are very important for my master application, please I would like an essay that is unique, thank you very much for your help.

1. What personal qualities or life experiences set you apart from the other applicants? How do you feel that these qualities or experiences will enable you to contribute to the graduate experience at Zicklin.

This answer is hard, I don't know what to say here about me, I never write about me, but I know I'm ambitious, professional and experienced on my field, I treat people well, and have good interactions with my clients and co-workers. I also very persistent determined and never give up. How will contribute to the graduate experience, you can help.

On this one, I have no idea

My clients and co-workers trust me. People trust me I don't know if I should I say that I gained my bachelor's degree while working full time and taking care of my family all alone, it was very hard process for me but I did (Is true)

2. Why are you looking to pursue an MBA/MS at this point in your life and what do you see yourself doing professionally upon graduation?

What key actions have you taken up to this point to prepare you for this career?

I want to say that I'm looking to pursue my MS in Taxation, because I have a passion for learning and practicing about taxes and, also because I'm planning to take my CPA exam.

I also want to say that another reason for pursing my MS in Taxation is because feel the need of keep studying, like studying enrich my soul ( I don't know how can I actually explain this on an essay) Studying, and been enrolled in a university gives me a sense of an accomplishment. I already accomplished I have a bachelor's degree, but I need to expand and make more opportunities in my career, I'm ambitious.

What I see doing upon graduation is keep working on my field which is taxes, be an expert on my field, be recognized, from my clients and co-workers and gain an excellent reputation than what already is...this last statement I don't know how to explain..the key actions I been taking are: making a list of my goals, and work hard to accomplish them I don't now what else to say here...I already have good reputation and my clients have bee increasing but I need more I guess...don't know what else to say here..

3. If you had chosen a different personal or professional path, what would it have been and why?

This one is hard to, I think I would be a marine biologist because I'm super curious, and love the amazing animals and species especially that one's found in the sea. I would like to have interaction with them, I love animals. I would like to contribute to make their life's better I also fascinated by the amazing life under the sea, I think some answers for cures will be under the sea...don't know what else to say here..

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Reference no: EM13856089

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