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You own 12 percent, or 15,000 shares, of Printers Ink stock that has a total market value of $678,300. By what percentage will the total value of your investment in this firm change if the company sells an additional 12,500 shares of stock at $43.50 a share and you do not buy any? A -.03 percent -.29 percent -.21 percent -.08 percent -.35 perce PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT this if your answer is different than one of the choices provided.

Reference no: EM131337949

Determine project NPV Should HFX accept or reject project

HFX Ltd. has the opportunity to undertake the following project: The project requires an immediate $1,000,000 investment in equipment that will be added to an ongoing asset po

Equity cost of? capital-consider zero-coupon bond

Jumbuck Exploration has a current stock price of $2.20 and is expected to sell for $2.31 in one? year's time, immediately after it pays a dividend of $0.23. Which of the follo

Does each person pay when receiving care

Health care is not free. Someone must pay. But how? Does each person pay when receiving care? Do people contribute regular amounts in advance so that their care will be paid f

What is the average inventory held during the year

Cheese burger and Taco Company purchases 16,806 boxes of cheese each year. It costs $18 to place and ship each order and $6.98 per year for each box held as inventory. The com

Calculate the percent of total return

Assume that one year ago, you bought 200 shares of a mutual fund for $21 per share, you received an income distribution of $0.11 cents per share and a capital gain distributio

The beta of the firms debt is estimated

Find the WACC for a firm with the following characteristics. A few years ago the firm issued $4,000,000 debt with a coupon rate of 4%; currently that debt is trading with a yi

Set with an installment loan

Emma Weber purchased bedroom set with an installment loan that has an apr of 12% the bedroom set sells for $2,650. The store financing requires a 15% down payment and 42 month

Mispricing of the firm shares is expected to correct

The market price of a share of Firm A’s stock is $99.24 today, but you have estimated that its value is actually $118.17. Assume that mispricing of the firm’s shares is expect


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