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Question 1: Zygmunt Bauman has written on what he describes as ____, where modern citizens vie for a relationship to physical spaces and places, including countries.

A globalized conflict

Resource differentiation

A space war

Global tourism

Question 2: With a population over 1 billion, about ____ of Indians live on less than $2 a day.





Question 3: The comparative economic measure that uses international dollars to indicate the amount of goods and services someone could buy in the United States with a given amount of money is known as:



Gross Domestic Income

Gross Purchasing Power

Question 4: The world's richest ____ people own as much wealth as the bottom half of the planet's population.





Question 5: The idea that poverty of some countries is a consequence of their exploitation by wealthy, capitalist states is known as:

World systems theory

Dependency theory

Global conflict theory

Imperialist-colonization theory

Question 6: The science of population size, distribution, and composition is defined as:


Population studies



Question 7: The average number of births per woman is referred to as:

Crude birth rate

Female fertility rate

Total birth average

Total fertility rate

Question 8: Net migration is:

The number of births per year

In-migration minus out-migration

Migration to the cities minus migration to the suburbs

The number of new immigrants

Question 9: Which of the following countries is experiencing high population growth as a result of migration, rather than natural population increase?

United States




Question 10: E-waste accounts for what percentage of toxic waste?





Question 11: Which of the following is true of fads and fashions?

It must be adopted by the masses to be considered fashionable

Only includes clothing and hairstyles

Reflect a tension between people's desire to be different and their desire to conform

Are entirely at the whim of people's tastes and not influenced by marketers

Question 12: Temporary gatherings of closely interacting people with a common focus are known as:





Question 13: Traditional, homegeneous societies are characterized by _____ solidarity, while diverse, modern societies are characterized by _____ solidarity.

mechanical; organic

mechanical; industrial

organic; industrial

interdependent; independent

Question 14: _____ norms are those that are situationally created to support a collective action.




Social movement

Question 15: Which of the following theorists highlighted the importance of ideas in maintaining order and oppression in society?

Karl Marx

Max Weber

Antonio Gramsci

Pierre Bourdieu

Question 16: Voluntary, goal-oriented action that occurs in relatively disorganized situations is known as:

Collective action

Collective behavior

Crowd mentality

Social protest

Reference no: EM131435031

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