What percentage of the sensors will not satisfy guarantee

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Some auto companies design emissions sensors so that they must be replaced after 1,00,000 miles. One such company found that the service life (x) in months of these sensors is approximately normal with mean 48 months and standard deviation 9 months. The company has decided to give a guarantee for the sensors for 3 years. What % age of the sensors will not satisfy the guarantee.

Reference no: EM13114717

Computing material price variance

The cost accountant for Blue Pharmaceuticals has informed you that the company's materials quantity variance for the drug Allegro was exactly equal to its materials price va

Normal and curved distributions

Critically discuss the concept of the normal distribution, why it is important, and what you think it means. When students talk about "grading on the curve," how does that app

Compare the reporting results between men and women

Ninety-eight heterosexual couples, at least one of whom was HIV in- fected, were enrolled in an HIV transmission study and interviewed about sexual behavior (Padian, 1990).

Number of consumer complaints against u.s. airlines

Data in table represent number of consumer complaints against major U.S. airlines. If one complaint from table is arbitrarily chosen, determine the probability that it was f

Find probability-mean energy consumption level is greater

If 50 different homes are randomly selected, find the probability that their mean energy consumption level for September is greater than 1075 KWh.

Stages of the information processing model

You are trying to concentrate during an examination but you get distracted by the sound of another student tapping her pencil on her desk. Which of the following stages of t

Is there evidence that dual degree students are receiving

Using a level of significance of .10, is there evidence that the dual degree students are receiving lower grades? Fully explain your answer.

Statistical test used to analyze the data

The data follow. Males Females 27 25 25 29 19 18 10 23 16 20 22 15 14 19 (a) What statistical test should be used to analyze these data?


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