What percentage of the molecules have escaped

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• Air in a cylinder is compressed to one-tenth of its original volume without change in temperature. What happens to its pressure? Imagine now that a valve is opened in order to restore the initial pressure value. What percentage of the molecules have escaped?

• Consider a 40,000 km steel pipe in the shape of a ring that fits snugly all around the circumference of the Earth. We are heating now the ring so its temperature increased by 1 degree C. Now, the pipe will no longer be snug. How high the ring will now stand above ground level? (Make as many simplifications as necessary). Data: Coefficient of linear expansion for steel is 11*10-6 /degree C. This means, for example, that a 1-meter bar of steel that increases its temperature by 1 degree C will expand 11*10-6 meters (11 micrometers)

• Farmers resort to spraying fruit trees with water before a frost to protect the fruit from freezing. Using the concepts learned in this module, discuss why this does or does not work.

• An electric fan not only does not decrease the temperature of the air, but it actually increases air temperature. How can you then explain that you are cooled by a fan

Reference no: EM13904899

What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field

The object has a charge of +24.0 μC and the instrument indicates that the electric force exerted on it is 44.0 μN, due east. What are the magnitude and direction of the electr

Couple of astronauts agree to rendezvous

A couple of astronauts agree to rendezvous in space after hours. Their plan is to let gravity bring them together. She has a mass of 60.0 kg and he a mass of 76.0 kg , and t

Evaluate what is the magnification of the system

The image of a tree on a 35 millimeter color slide is 1.9 millimeter high. It is to be projected onto a screen 10 meter from the slide, and is to appear 370 millimeter high.

Estimate the maximum acceleration

A 2.5 kg object is attached to a horizontal spring of force constant k = 4.1 kN/m. The spring is stretched 10 cm from equilibrium and released. Find the maximum acceleration

How much work is done by friction by the time the wood stops

A 2.00 kg piece of wood slides on the surface shown in the accompanying figure. Where will the wood eventually come to rest? How much work is done by friction by the time the

Obtain the average emf induced in his wedding ring

An MRI technician moves his hand from a region of very low magnetic field strength into an MRI scanner's 2 T field with his fingers pointing in the direction of the field. O

Brownsburg and prospect exits

He passes the Brownsburg, IN exit at 12:30pm and maintains a constant speed of 65 mph all the way to Champaign. Assume that the Brownsburg and Prospect exits are 105 miles a

What is the diameter of the image on the film

During a lunar eclipse, a picture of the moon (which has a diameter of 3.48 × 106 m and is 3.86 × 108 m from the earth) is taken with a camera whose lens has a focal length of


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