What percentage area of the basin was contributing runoff

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The ordinate of a5-hr unit hydrograph of a basin is determined equal to 300 cfs at atime 4 hours after the beginning of net rainfall. What would be therunoff rate after 4 hours if a storm of uniform intensity of 3 in/hoccurs within the basin for duration of 5 hours? Use Φ index of0.5 in/h. If time time of concentration of the basinis 16 hours,what percentage area of the basin was contributing runoff at time 4hours after the beginning of rainfall?

Reference no: EM13533431

Calculate head supplied by the pump for the system

Water from a lower reservoir (water surface elevation) 500 m is pumping to the upper reservoir (water surface elevation 600 m) through a 5000 m long straight pipe with 0.5 m

Determine the value of the froude number for

An important dimensionless parameter in certain types of fluid flow problems is the Froude number defined as V/(gl)^1/2 where V is a velocity, g the acceleration of gravity, a

What is the change in internal energy of the system

What is the change in internal energy of the system? Assume the displacement work in a (fully resisted) constant pressure process is given by (*sub 12 means from stage 1 to 2)

Calculate concentration of dnapl in the water as function

If clean groundwater flows through an aquifer contaminated with a dense non- aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL), calculate the concentration of DNAPL in the water as a function of

What should the velocity for the model be if the model

A model is to be produced for a prototype with reynolds number similitude. The prototype and model will both be in air, if the prototype has a velocity of 500 ft/s and a diame

Determine an appropriate pipe diameter and slope for reach

Determine an appropriate pipe diameter and slope for this reach, and establish the pipe invert elevations at the upper and lower manholes. Assume that a minimum earth cover

Find the location-velocity and acceleration of a box

The motion of a box on a spiral conveyor is defined by the following position vector: r = 0.5sin(2t) i + 0.5cos(2t) j - 0.2t k where r is in meters and t is in seconds. Find

Determine what is the elevation of the pvt

The high point is at elevation 1011.4 ft. The initial grade is +2% and the final grade is -1%. What is the elevation of the PVT. Solve this problem with the parabolic equati


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