What percentage area of the basin was contributing runoff

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The ordinate of a5-hr unit hydrograph of a basin is determined equal to 300 cfs at atime 4 hours after the beginning of net rainfall. What would be therunoff rate after 4 hours if a storm of uniform intensity of 3 in/hoccurs within the basin for duration of 5 hours? Use Φ index of0.5 in/h. If time time of concentration of the basinis 16 hours,what percentage area of the basin was contributing runoff at time 4hours after the beginning of rainfall?

Reference no: EM13533431

Compute the coefficient of permeability of the sand

The test temperature was 26°C. Compute the coefficient of permeability of the sand for a void ratio of 0.70 and the standard temperature of 20-C. (Ariel A. Casagiantle.)

What is the average power that the system will use

Assume that Santa weighs 300 lbs, visits 10 houses an hour and requires a 20 foot lift at each house, what is the average power that the system will use if it is perfectly e

Calculate the amount of water to be added per cubic meter

An undisturbed soil sample has a total unit weight of 19.4 kN/m3, a dry unit weight of 16.9 kN/m3, and a specific gravity of soil solids (Gs) of 2.69. If the sample could be

Determine the time required for tank pressure to reach 50psi

An air compressor is used to pressurize a cylindrical tank which contains air at atmospheric pressure. The tank's diameter is 3 ft and it is 5 ft long. The supply line is 1

Determine the modulus of elasticity of concrete by the aci

Determine the Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete by the ACI formula for a concrete cylinder that has a unit weight of 120pcf (1920kg/m^3) and a compressive strength of 3000 psi

Design size of smoke vents in the ceiling with the objective

A storage room in an industry has a floor area of 30 m by 50 m and a height of 10 m. A garage door has a width of 3 m and a height of 3 m and the room has four windows that

What range of reactor volumes is necessary to achieve

To achive a specific level of disinfection a water treatment plant operator determines the" Ct" value 180mg min/l is necessary with units for disinfectant concentration C in m

Find the maximum possible exit pressure of compressor

A compressor receives air at 290 K, 95 kPa and shaft work of 5.5 kW from a gasoline engine. It should deliver a mass flow rate of 0.01 kg/s air to a pipeline. Find the maxim


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