What people and events have influenced your values

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The Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to deeply consider and trace your experiences and feelings about issues of politics and government. Whether you were born in the United States, Mexico, or any other place around the globe, government and politics have impacted your life in a number of ways.

Completion of this assignment should give you a stronger basis in which to study and learn during this course.

In your work, address the following, and submit through the Assignments link on the course menu:

What were your first political events or political memories? How have those prior experiences shaped your current political views? In other words, what life events have influenced your political values and beliefs? Cite a local, state, national, or worldwide event that has impacted you during your lifetime.

What people and events have influenced your values, beliefs, and opinions, and how?

From what sources do you currently get your information about politics and current events? (This class can be one source, however provide additional information as appropriate.)

Other instructions:

This is not a research paper! Submit your information in 2 concise paragraphs through the Assignments link. Do not submit more than 2 well-written and substantive paragraphs; it is a beneficial experience to edit your own work. It is not necessary to repeat the questions in the body of your work.

Reference no: EM13843287

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