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1. Management accounting is a planning, controlling, and decision-making tool. Consider the features of management accounting and respond to the following: Do you agree that management accounting provides economic information for all interested parties? What other types of information does management accounting provide? Explain with examples. 2. Decision making is one of the many functions that managers have to perform. Consider the functions of management and respond to the following: Do you think that decision making is the most important function of management? Explain by comparing the decision-making function with any other managerial function (i.e. planning, organizing, leading, controlling, etc.).  

Reference no: EM13776936

Cash conversion cycle-operating cycle

Calculate the firm's cash conversion cycle. Calculate the firm's operating cycle Calculate the daily expenditure and the firm's annual savings if the operating cycle is reduce

Compute the marginal cost of capital

Compute the weighted average cost of capital on the first $250 million of funds and saven Travel will need to raise $150 of additional capital for expansion. How much of this

Management and leadership-defining relationship

What are the roles of individuals in the above scenarios? Are they managers, leaders, or both? What distinguishes management from the leadership and managers from leaders?

Income statement to reflect lcm valuation

Restate the income statement to reflect LCM valuation of the ending inventory. Apply LCM on an item-by-item basis.Compare the LCM effect on each amount that was changed in req

A company that produces standard items

A company that produces standard items for a competitive market should not have the same pricing strategies as a company that makes unique items custom-designed for its custom

Calculate the cash point for the department business shirts

Calculate the unit costs for one standard Micro Computer or specialized Micro Computer for both customers - Compare both orders for the effect of complexity and for the effec

Compare drug revolving fund operations among nigeria states

Compare Drug Revolving Fund operations among Nigeria States then narrow down to Kaduna state, which you then compare with other countries like Sudan, kenya, ethiopia and Ruw

Strategic analysis of operating income

How can a manager use the "strategic analysis of operating income" to determine if a firm has successfully implemented its strategy? Be sure to provide specific examples.


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