What other tests can be done to determine the cause

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A 28yr old man comes into a health care facility complaining of fever and fatigue. All bacteriology and microbiology tests are done and no causative agent is found. The man has slightly elevated levels of IgE. Allergy tests show no reactions. What other tests can be done to determine the cause?

Reference no: EM13148184

Cultural and environmental aspects

Discuss the product and consumer related factors that McDonald's should take into account in order to compete successfully in the European fast food sector. Explain the cult

Find the difference between tall and short stature

in a cross between true breeding tall plants and with true breeding short plants all of the F1 are tall.when these plants are allowed to fertilized themselves,the F2 plants

The blood into the bowel every day

A huge amount of water--7 to 9 L--moves from the blood into the bowel every day, through osmosis and digestive secretions. Since people only have 5 L of blood, why don't they

How might second mutation lead to restoration of activity

Identify the functional groups in side chain of a protein that can form hydrogen bonds or electrostatic interactions with a side chain of arginine within the same protein wi

Determine the likelihood of passing on a genetic disease

There are two types of genetic testing: one type enables us to determine the likelihood of passing on a genetic disease, the other type tests embryos for a certain genetic con

What is function of mitosis in cell that is about to divide

What is the function of mitosis in a cell that is about to divide? Cite source(s) used. How accurate were your time predictions, based on your data, for each stage of the cell

Compare and contrast oblique reflected light microscopy

compare and contrast oblique reflected light microscopy with oblique transmitted light microscopy by describing how one bacterial species looks using both techniques. Streng

Evolution of the citric acid cycle

The citric acid cycle evolved from preexisting metabolic pathways. Evidence includes organisms that do not use the citric acid cycle, but have genes coding for enzymes used in


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