What other differences you can think of

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Information on how we learn can be applied to areas such as in health, leadership, business, employee training, and the family. It can also help you to assist people to understand the needs of others' more successfully and create more successful learning, organizational, and personal environments. In this discussion, you will demonstrate your understanding of schema theory and scaffolding by sharing about your educational background and the ways you have been taught new knowledge in the past.

First, evaluate schema theory and its potential application to learning psychology.

Second, compare one method of learning you have experienced that did not align with anything you knew or believed to a method that built on your existing schema (scaffolding).

Third, thinking critically about the inherent differences in the outcomes in these two situations, what differences were there for you in the level of difficulty of remembering the material?

Fourth, analyze and comment on how this learning theory applied to these two real-life situations.

What other differences you can think of?

How might you apply the principles of this theory when providing new information to a diverse group of individuals?


Reference no: EM131318635

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