What option carries the maximum profit for the supply chain

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Which Option carries the maximum profit for the supply chain- Sandra's plan, Bill's plan or no promotion plan at all? How does the response change if a discount of $10 must be given to reach the same level of influence that the $5 discount received? Presume Sandra's fears about increasing outsourcing costs come to fruition as well as the cost rises to $22/unit for subcontracting. Does this alter the decision when the discount is $5?

Reference no: EM13101547

Persistent high level of unemployment

In 2013-2014, the nation was struggling with a persistent high level of unemployment, low rates of economic growth, and high federal budget deficits. Explain how solutions t

Explain major economic blow to the region

When a fire destroyed the Malden Mills factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, its 70-year-old owner, Aaron Feuerstein, could have shut down the business, collected the insuranc

Custody of baby dexter

Instead of paying alimony to Raphael, Erica agrees to hire him as a handyman for five years at a salary of $190,000 per year. Raphael's position has no stated responsibilitie

Sampling method and sample size

Discuss why the sampling method and sample size make these results questionable, even though the numbers were reported as if they were precise. What issues in specifying sam

Employees level of job satisfaction

Why should employers care about their employees' level of job satisfaction? Why are modern employees increasingly unsatisfied with their jobs? What can be done to improve th

Explain how could you use the estimating techniques

Explain how could you use the estimating techniques necessary to develop a project time-line? Illustrate what are some data sampling, collection and evaluation methods of wo

Price and quantity of streetlights

There are two individuals with demand for streetlights QD1= 150-P QD2= 200-P The marker supply is perfectly elastic at p=130. a) What is the price and quantity

Corporate use of social media-other crm strategies

Reflect upon your own personal experiences and observations about corporate use of social media and other CRM strategies described in your readings. What are some of your po


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