What new insights have you obtained about at-risk children

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In this final discussion, reflect upon your overall learning experience and relate it to your earned specialization and/or advanced degree as well as your current or future practice serving at-risk children and families. Your reflection must include the learning you have gained about the topics of this course and learning from the creation of your website. Review the Week Six Instructor Guidance to further support your response to this discussion. You may respond to this discussion in written form, or through a video and/or audio recording of yourself using the digital technology of your choosing.

Initial Post: Create an initial post that addresses the following:

o What new insights have you obtained about at-risk children and families overall?

o What specific concepts have you learned that have left a more lasting impression or impact on you? How and/or why have these concepts impacted you more significantly than others?

o What affirmations have you gained about your current or future role working with at-risk children and families from reflecting on your learning? Be sure to indicate what your professional focus is (e.g., education, early childhood education, family and community service, etc.).

o How has the construction and review of others' websites added value to your learning experience? Include challenges you may have experienced during the process and how you overcame them.

Reference no: EM13901482

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