What must the market risk of the stock be

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A stock will provide a rate of return of either ?29% or +34%. a. If both possibilities are equally likely, calculate the expected return and standard deviation. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answers to 1 decimal place.) Expected return % Standard deviation % b. If Treasury bills yield 2.5% and investors believe that the stock offers a satisfactory expected return, what must the market risk of the stock be? Market risk $

Reference no: EM13297794

Computation of npv of lump sum future receipt

Computation of NPV of lump sum future receipt and annuity receipts also How much should Mr. & Mrs. Smith deposit now in a bank account paying 9 percent to reach financial hap

How can the firm reduce this need for external capital

The firm is planning on a 15% increase in sales for 2017, with the Profit Margin remaining the same percentage as 2016 and the Dividend Payout Rate the same at 21.70% for 20

Future value of multiple annuities

Assume that you contribute $120 per month to a retirement plan for 20 years. Then you are able to increase the contribution to $220 per month for another 20 years. Given a 7

Expected level of ebit

What will be the expected level of EBIT and net income if next year's sales rise 10 percent? What will be the expected level of EBIT and net income if next year's sales fall 2

What risk-free rate of return on a norwegian security

Suppose the current spot rate for the Norwegian kroner is $1 = NKr6.6869. The expected inflation rate in Norway is 6 percent and in the U.S. it is 3.1 percent. A risk-free a

The franciscos investment options

The Franciscos' Investment Options- Hector Francisco is a successful businessman in Atlanta. The box-manufacturing firm he and his wife, Judy, founded several years ago has

Calculate the npv of the proposed overhaul

Calculate the NPV of the proposed overhaul of the Vital Spark, with and without the newengine and control system. To do the calculation, you will have to prepare a spreadshe

What is the risk premium on this stock

Jerilu Markets has a beta of 1.09. The risk-free rate of return is 2.75 percent and the market rate of return is 9.80 percent. What is the risk premium on this stock? A. 6.47


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