What must the coupon rate be on these bonds

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DMA Corporation has bonds on the market with 20.5 years to maturity, a YTM of 8.1 percent, and a current price of $1,074. The bonds make semiannual payments and have a par value of $1,000.

What must the coupon rate be on these bonds?

Reference no: EM131311077

Non-business bad debt and how much is deduction

Several years ago, R’s son, S, got into the restaurant business. R loaned S $10,000 to help him get the business going. No note was signed nor was any interest charged. Can R

Consider financial statement information-ending inventory

Consider the following financial statement information for the Amaryliss Corporation: Item Beginning Ending Inventory $10,082 $10,880 Accounts receivable 5,351 5,881 Accounts

Dollar-denominated assets-the foreign exchange markets

The 12-month interest rate on dollar-denominated assets (like bank deposits) is 5.00%. The 12-month interest rate on euro-denominated assets is 2.50%. The current spot exchang

Compute eac for both machines

You are evaluating two different silicon wafer milling machines. The Techron I costs $258,000, has a three-year life, and has pretax operating costs of $69,000 per year. The T

What is the projects coefficient of variation

Stock A has a beta of 0.7, whereas Stock B has a beta of 1.3. Portfolio P has 50% invested in both A and B. Which of the following would occur if the market risk premium incre

Can taxpayer use the exclusion for the sale of residence

Taxpayer a college professor age 58 purchased and moved into a house on August 1, 2012. He used the house continuously until 9/1/2013 on which date he went abroad for a one ye

The amount available for distribution to all claimants

Duchon Industries had the following balance sheet at the time it defaulted on its interest payments and filed for liquidation under Chapter 7. Sale of the fixed assets, which

What is the expected growth rate-expected growth rate

Dorpac Corporation has a dividend yield of 1.5%. Dorpac’s equity cost of capital is 8%, and its dividends are expected to grow at a constant rate. What is the expected growth


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