What must happen to the saving rate to reach the golden

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If the marginal product of capital net of depreciation equals 8 percent, the rate of growth of population equals 2 percent, and the rate of labour-augmenting technological progress equals 2 percent, what must happen to the saving rate to reach the Golden Rule level of the capital stock?

Reference no: EM13335056

Are retailers reporting that recent sales met expectations

Go to the Federal Reserve Web site, www.federalreserve.gov, and select About the Fed, then The Federal Reserve System, and then Districts and Banks. Find your Federal Reserv

Basically the same effect on total sales

Which has a higher payoff, focusing on selling to a couple more customers or by increasing the average sale (with the same std. dev. of $1500) by retraining your sales force

Calculate the labor force participation

The table below reports some labor market figures for a hypothetical country, Blefuscu in 2005. Assume that there are only two types of employment: full time and part time.

Different situations according solow growth model

Assume that the economy starts in steady state. According to the Solow growth model, how would each of the following affect consumption per worker in the long run, Explain?

Define fallacies of statements

Historically, the stock market rises in years the NFC team wins the Super Bowl and falls when the AFC wins the Super Bowl; I am rooting for the NFC team to win for the sake

Integrating biblical perspectives where appropriate

After reviewing the reading material (link above), address the following, integrating biblical perspectives where appropriate: What lessons do we need to learn from the onse

Quantity processed by domestic oil refiners

Derive the domestic price, the quantity processed by domestic oil refiners, and the amount of imports at the competitive equilibrium. Now suppose that domestic crude oil sup

Partitioning idea of quicksort to give an algorithm

Use the partitioning idea of quicksort to give an algorithm that finds the median element of an array of n integers in expectedO(n) time. (Hint: must you look at both sides


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