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The following activity is designed to help make sure that you are both finding a secondary source that opposes your viewpoint, but also that you can find a way in which to agree with and/or show understanding to that differing point of view.

This assignment will be done on the secondary source you have selected in which the view point opposes your own. This assignment will hopefully help you determine whether or not this source will be acceptable for your topic or not.

1) What is your issue and what is your position and/or thesis statement concerning the issue?

2) State what your article is (author/title etc.) and give a brief summary of what it is about.

3) In what way does your article/secondary source oppose your own viewpoint?

4) What motivating factors (values, ideas, needs, fears, goals etc) have you discovered in the article that propagates a viewpoint that opposes your own? Include at least two of the five.

5) State what potential beliefs and doubts you have toward the motivating factors from question 4.

Reference no: EM131407604

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