What mix of immigration policies would you recommend
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Immigration and Ethnic Relations in the U.S. the instruction is for one student, only choose 2 questions out of 4 questions provided. I need it for 5 students, with different writers please if you can.

Subject: Immigration and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.

Instruction: Choose two of the following four questions and write essays based on them. Each short essay should not be more than two/three pages (doubled-spaced). After you submit your two essays, please also upload both of them as ONE MS Word or pdf file to SafeAssignment. The SafeAssignment link is right below this Assignments.



There are four important factors that cause international migration flows: economic pressures; social networks and connections between migrant sending and receiving countries; immigration policies; and cultural perceptions people in developing countries have about immigration and immigrant receiving countries. Indicate which of these you believe is the most important and second most important factors and explain why.


You are the newly appointed immigration advisor to the Obama administration. You have been asked to prepare a brief report for the President outlining what type of immigration admissions and control policies he should adopt in order to provide the U.S. economy with the immigrant labor it needs and reduce illegal immigration. Based on what you have learned in this class, what mix of immigration policies would you recommend and why?


Do the positive economic consequences of immigration outweigh its negative socioeconomic consequences for unskilled immigrants or vice versa? Think not just in terms of the wages immigrants receive, but also the type of jobs they do, the labor they provide, their long-term socioeconomic mobility, and how they are treated/perceived by mainstream American society (you do not have to necessarily focus on all these issues). This question is asking you to weigh the pros and cons of immigration for the immigrants themselves, not for American society.


Do you think negative public opinion toward immigrants is justified, for instance, the belief that immigration is bad for the American economy and that illegal immigration is out of control? (it may be useful to briefly refer to the course material on the economics of immigration and immigration policy) You can also consider whether it makes sense that certain segments of the American population are more anti-immigrant than others.

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