What might cause a person to set his or her values aside

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De Cremer, D., & de Bettignies, H. (2013). Pragmatic business ethics. Business Strategy Review, 24(2), 64-67.

Retrieved from Trident University Library. According to De Cremer and de Bettignies (2013), over reliance on internal organizational controls can result in a moral amnesia.

In two to three pages please discuss whether you believe this to be an accurate observation.

What might cause a person to set his or her values aside? or even look past an organizational value that requires workers to always do the right thing?

Apply your critical thinking skills in answering these questions.

Please take some time to review the materials and take a position on the issue.

Write a 2- to 3-page assessment of the authors' claims, and your assessment of what might be done in a place of business to prevent the 'moral amnesia' phenomenon from taking a foothold in a place of business.

Reference no: EM13710128

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