What might bsb have done differently before sky announcement

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Part A - Summarize the Strategy document. Limit between two to three pages.

Strategy document - British Satellite Broadcasting versus Sky Television

Part B - Read the HBS case BSB vs Sky Television. Consider the following questions.

1. Assess the attractiveness of the UK Satellite TV market. It may be helpful to use your industry analysis tools from earlier in the course but do not try and do a complete five forces analysis. Along the way, be certain to provide a careful assessment what advantage, if any, there is to being the first to offer satellite television to the British market.

2. How might BSB have been able to identify News Corp as a potential competitor prior to Murdoch's announcement of the launch of Sky TV?

3. What might BSB have done differently before Sky's announcement?

4. What influences how much money BSB will get in a possible sale of its assets to Sky?

5. Why did this battle turn out to be so costly for both sides?

Assignment Files - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rfop9xbrvn2kqum/Assignment.zip?dl=0

Reference no: EM131394206

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I need two deliverable's. Deliverable 1: Summarize the Strategy document. Limit between two to three pages. You can provide summary document tomorrow. Deliverable 2: I am responsible for question # 2. Look at the Group Deliverable document and answer question 2 in a power point slide. Restrict slides between 2 to 3 pages. Please look at the attached slide to understand good slide vs. bad slide. Professor doesn’t want to see summary of the document rather he wants proper answer with analysis.


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The material on Game Theory from class is especially relevant for answering some of the questions above, but other material is also relevant—carefully consider what might be relevant. Be certain to try and relate to some concepts from class. At the same time, do not try and “force” any particular framework—pick and choose appropriate concepts as they best apply. Also, be sure not to use recent information about the industry, but instead focus on the case. Using a powerpoint deck, answer the questions regarding BSB-Sky above. Devote relatively more space to questions (2), (3), and (4), and less to (1) and (5). You may use a maximum of 10 slides (title slide does not count towards this limit). Do not use any font size smaller than 20pt. You will be judged both on content and slide set quality.

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