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You work for a local car dealership, and have been asked by your chamber of commerce to deliver a presentation to the community on buying a car. Your town consists of about 40,000 people, but you do not know who will actually attend the presentation. You also do not know the needs of the people well enough to deliver the presentation effectively. You decide to conduct an audience analysis. Explain the following: •How would you conduct an audience assessment in this situation? ?What means might you use to get to know the people in the community? •What kinds of questions would you ask them, or ask others about them? ?Why are these questions relevant to your presentation? •How will knowing your audience help you to best deliver your speech, provide handouts, use audio/visual equipment, and other elements of your presentation?

Reference no: EM131124827

Brief description-decisions require change to implement them

All decisions require change to implement them. Consider an experience you have had in your work life that has involved the implementation of a decision. Explain how the decis

The sales representative reports customer orders

At Furniture 4 Less, the sales representative reports customer orders on a three part form called form 191A. When the form is filled out, the original form is given to the cus

Thousands of particles-each acting like a tiny magnet

The FTC regulates advertising and has discovered a company advertising a diet pill that, when swallowed, breaks into "thousands of particles, each acting like a tiny magnet" t

Discuss the three branches of government

Discuss the three branches of government and the role each has to play in our system, including the checks and balances that each has on the others. Analyze and evaluate the v

Statue of limitations for contract suits is four years

Cindy Nanson had a contract with Bob Greenly for Bob to repay Cindy $2,000 plus interest by July 1980. It is now August 1990 and Cindy has not received any payment. Cindy wish

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

In the past decade, actions to protect consumers have increased. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 rose out of the Enron debacle; Edward Snowden, an ex-CIA computer

Distinguish between patients right to physical privacy

In 1-2 pages, distinguish between a patient’s right to physical privacy and the right to expect the health care provider to maintain confidentiality of patient information.

Business is operated at three sigma quality level

Suppose your business is operated at a three sigma quality level and the product has an average annual improvement rate of 50%. How long would it take to reach a six sigma qua


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