What mass of pac must be placed in a contact basin

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Toluene has contaminated a city's drinking-water supply. An activated carbon system has been constructed so toluene concentrations are treated to below specified regulatory levels. If the toluene concentration in the water supply is 1,000 ppb, the treatment objective is 5 ppb, and the flow of water is 378 L/min (100 gpm), what mass of PAC must be placed in a contact basin on a daily basis to satisfy the treatment objective? The Freundlich parameters for toluene and the particular carbon are K = 26.1 mg/gm (L/mg)1/n and 1/n = 0.44.

Reference no: EM13313101

Estimate the concentration and the mass emission rate

Estimate the concentration and the mass emission rate of NOx if a coal containing 1.5% nitrogen is combusted at 1400 k using an air/fuel ratio that is 1.5 times the stoichiome

What is the required press tonnage to perform this operation

A bearing of simple geometry is to be pressed out of bronze powders, using a compacting pressure of 207 MPa. The outside diameter = 44 mm, the inside diameter = 22 mm, and t

How large could the plant be without having the ground

A 35 percent-efficient coal-fired power plant with effective height of 100 m emits SO2 at a rate of 0.6 lb/10^6 Btu into the plant. If winds are assumed to be 4 m/s at the sta

Draw streakline-pathline of the particle and streamline at t

A dye streak was started at a point in the flow field at time t=0, and the path of a particle in the fluid was also traced from that same point starting at the same time. Dr

How these variables are distributed

how the variables in columns B-R are related to the Churn variable in column S. Write a short report of your findings, including any recommendations you would make to the co

Calculate the net entropy change for the mass

A foundry form box with 25 kg of 200?C hot sand is dumped into a bucket with 50 L water at 15?C. Assuming no heat transfer with the surroundings and no boiling away of liqui

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A gas stream with a particulate loading of 20.0g/m^3 is passed through a 70%-efficient cyclone followed by a 95%-efficient ESP. Calculate the overall efficiency of the system.

Calculate the max shear stress in each segment of the rod

The rod is fixed against rotation at its left end, but free to rotate in a bearing at its right end. Each disk is 300mm in diameter. Calculate the maximum shear stress in ea


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