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Question- Metallic magnesium can be made by the electrolysis of molten MgCl2. (a) What mass of Mg is formed by passing a current of 6.10 A through molten MgCl2 for 4.00 days? Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. g (b) How many minutes are needed to plate out 12.10 g Mg from molten MgCl2 using 4.30 A current? Min

Rework your solution from the beginning and check each step carefully.

Reference no: EM13697899

Vapor pressure of water at temperature

The temperature in the laboratory was 23°C and the barometric pressure was 621. mm Hg. You will need to look up vapor pressure of water at that temperature. Find the equival

Explain coal is primarily carbon which undergoes combustion

The Kingston Steam Plant burns 14,000 tons of coal each day and generates 1010 kilowatts-hours of electricity each year (enough for 700,000 homes). Coal is primarily carbon

The equilibrium mixture present after sequence of reactions

Suppose you carried out two reactions in sequence. In the first reaction you hydrated 1-butene and in the second reaction you dehydrated the products of the of the first rea

Explain subjected to chlorohydrin formation

A racemic product mixture is produced when (Z)-4-ethyl-4-octene is subjected to chlorohydrin formation conditions (Cl2, H2O). Draw both of the enantiomers that are formed.

State helium gas is contained in a pressure vessel of volume

Helium gas is contained in a pressure vessel of volume V=10m3. Determine the mass (in kg) of helium in the tank if the temperature is 20°C and the pressure is 4 bar. Use the

Determine evidence that the hydroxyl radical ho is formed

In combustion studies of H2 as an alternative fuel, you find evidence that the hydroxyl radical (HO) is formed in flames by the following reaction. H(g) + 1/2 O2(g) HO(g)

Compute the mass percentage of nacl in the mixture

The resulting solution required 51.30 mL of 0.08765 M AgNO3(aq) to precipitate the Cl-(aq) and Br-(aq) as AgCl(s) and AgBr(s). Calculate the mass percentage of NaCl(s) in th

The chemical reaction that took place in the patient''s body

The alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol) content in a 12 oz. bottle of beer is about 5%. The man's weight is 150 lbs and he was drinking over an hour period. State the chemical r


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