What mass of helium will be required.

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1. Spy balloon is to be constructed of a material with a mass of 0.5kg. it will be filled with helium and must be able to carry and instrument payload of 50kg at an altitude of 1000m where the density of the air is 1.16 kg/m^3. what mass of helium will be required.

2. If the temperature of gas (measured in K) is doubled

a-the rms speed of the molecules doubles

b-the rms speed increases bh a factor of 2

c-the average kinetic energy quadruples

d-the average kinetic energy increases by a factor of 2

3. A 1-liter container of nitrogen gas (N2) at a temperature of 23c is intially at a pressure of 1.25 atm. because of a slow leak the pressure falls to 1.15 atm 1 hour later what is the leak rate in molecules/second?

4. How much energy is required to melt a 500cm^3 block of lead intitially at a temperature of 20c?

Reference no: EM13963466

Calculate the entropy change for each of the following

10g of steam at l00°C and a pressure of one atmosphere condensing into water at the same temperature and pressure. (The latent heat of vaporization of water is 22571 Jg^-1).

What is the average molar specific heat in this range

The molar specific heat of many materials at low temperatures is found to obey the Debye law C_v = A[T/theta]^3 where A is a constant equal to 1.94 x 10^3 Jmol^-1K^-1 and wi

Heat capacity is an intensive quantity extensive quantity

The heat capacity is defined as the amount of energy required to change the temperature of an object. The specific heat capacity is defined as the amount of energy required

Pressure inside the vessel remains 38.6 kpa.identify liquid

A vessel holding some liquid is placed in a vacuum chamber that is constantly pumped. Gas leaks from the vessel into the vacuum through a small hole, radius 4.15 micro m, bu

Determine the concentration in the exiting

Determine the SO2 concentration in the exiting gas as a function of solvent flow rate from 25 to 175 mol/min and prepare a graph for our staff to use in operating this proce

At what distance from the ring''s center is e maximum

Charge is uniformly distributed around a ring of radius R= 2.40cm and the resulting electric field magnitude E is measured along the ring's central axis (perpendicular to th

Calculate the maximum emf induced in the coil

A 95 turn square wire coil of area 0.040 m2 rotates about a vertical axis at 1730 rpm, as indicated in Figure P20.30. The horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field

Consider a charged particle of mass m and charge q

Using the results of part (a), show that the electrons will fail to reach the second plate if (see the attached file for the equation) where -e and m are the charge and mass


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