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Assignment Outcome: After students complete the Values Assignment they will be able to identify a company and the company's views on a the environment, family, and culture.

Purpose of Assignment: Students will realize production choices and raw material choices may impact a consumer's desire to purchase a product or service.

Write a response to the following topic. Be sure to address all parts of the issue. Put your name at the top of the document. Submit this file under the assignment tool. Save the file as your Blackboard VISTA ID and values. For example, my file would be named tdalton1_values. Save the file as .rtf, .txt, .doc, or .docx.

Research a current and real company that you feel produces products and/or services to attract People's Views of Honesty. (Perhaps honesty is not an issue for some, but honesty is an issue for other consumers. How does the company and product approach people's views of honesty with their product you have chosen.)

Number your answers as below:

1. List the company's name.

2. List products they sell.

3. How does this company attract consumers based on People's View of Honesty? What marketing strategies do they use to portray this belief? What strategies do they use to attract consumer who share this belief?

Looking for the concepts or ideas versus terminology that you reserach. The above mentioned criteria must be numbered to receive full credit on this assignment.

Reference no: EM131076233

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