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Wanda finally decides to move her business out of her home and rent a small building in town that has space for a commercial kitchen as well as enough room for some retail sales. She knows that her business is going to have more “moving parts” that will need to be managed, but she isn’t sure what that will entail. When you press Wanda for details, she says that if she does expand, she will add the following positions to the company:

A full-time dog treat baker;

One part-time baking assistant;

A retail sales clerk who will also handle the Web site and Etsy sales;

One part-time administrative assistant, who will help Wanda with day-to-day operations and paperwork.

She also anticipates that if her sales projections are correct, within the next twelve months she will add the following:

One part-time bookkeeper;

A full-time e-commerce manager who will handle all of the Web site traffic and Etsy orders;

One part-time marketing manager to promote the Salty Pawz brand and help develop new products.

Your Task

Prepare an organizational chart for Wanda that shows what her role as a manager will look like if she expands as outlined above.

In addition to the chart, for each direct and indirect report, provide details regarding what management functions Wanda will be performing. Be sure to explain how each management function will specifically affect her, those she is managing, and the business in general.

Reference no: EM132184750

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