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Declining employee morale, conflict within and between workgroups, and employee performance problems led the newly appointed division manager of company X to search for an industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology professional. The manager would like you to assist with the analysis and development of an organizational development (OD) intervention strategy that will improve team effectiveness and organizational performance. There are twenty-five staff members employed in the division.

There is no union organization involved. After an initial meeting with the division manager, you have been asked to present the organizational development (OD) intervention strategy to the executive board. You will be bidding for the opportunity to assist company X in its efforts to improve morale and increase employee and group performance within the division.
Other consultants will be presenting to the executive board as well.


In 6 slides (including detailed speaker's notes):

Describe your organizational development (OD) practitioner competencies.

What makes you the best candidate for this opportunity?

What are your credentials?

Select an organizational development (OD) intervention strategy for the scenario above. Begin by reviewing the four categories of organizational development (OD) interventions. There may be multiple issues to be addressed at the same time. Develop and explain your intervention plan.

How will you organize the plan so the organization can change effectively and efficiently?

What will most likely transform the organization in the given scenario (i.e., structural, technical, or behavioral change or a combination of these)?

Develop 8-10 pertinent interview questions you will ask management. Include your rationale for selecting your intervention strategy.

Explain what assessments you will need to perform. Describe the data that you might need to collect from the organization. Explain how

you will collect data and measure results. Justify your answer. Create and explain a reinforcement strategy or a transfer-of-skills plan.

How will you be certain that the change has become the new normal and will continue once your consulting contract is terminated?

Reference no: EM131294194

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