What makes an on-line questionnaire good

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1. Questionnaires have been around much longer than the internet has. How has the internet affected the structure and format of questionnaires? Based on your experience, what makes an on-line questionnaire good?

2. In addition to time, what other considerations should we factor in when thinking about what we can realistically expect from research participants?

Reference no: EM132185224

Can you make out a bilateral or unilateral contract

Fourteen applicants for a city of Providence, Rhode Island, police academy training class each received from the city a letter stating that it was a conditional offer of emplo

About the current events

Choose an article from current events (this can come from a newspaper, a journal, TV, or the internet). Describe the event (citing the medium you used) Using Maslow's Hierarch

Profit payoff table for a decision problem with two states

In the following profit payoff table for a decision problem with two states of nature and three decision alternatives, the probabilities for s1 and s2 are: p(s1)=0.8 and p (s2

What fill rate does the store achieve

Weekly demand for a popular model of HP printers at a Sam’s Club store is normally distributed, with a mean of 30 and standard deviation of 20. The store manager continuously

Defined contribution plans over defined benefit plans

Are employees more likely to favor defined contribution plans over defined benefit plans? How about employers? Explain your answer. Discuss how product deletion is used to imp

Formulate this problem as transportation problem

Suppose that country A, country B and country C produce all the apples, bananas and oranges inthe world. The world’s demand for apples requires 90 million acres of land devote

Discussion of the differences between gTLDs and sTLDs

In about 100 words, describe the function of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Include a discussion of the differences between gTLDs and sTLDs in your a

Formulate plans for sheltering special population

Formulate plans for sheltering special population in the immediate aftermath. Where could this population be safely sheltered in the short term? What are the best long-term sh


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