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1.Why are channels of distribution important in the tourism industry? Examine and explain one of the channels of distribution with your classmates.

2.What does the acronym GDS stand for (in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry) and what is its role? Using the Internet find one example of a GDS, and provide a brief overview of it?

3.Great job so far...many of you have probably booked a hotel room, rental car, and/or airline ticket on an OTA. What is an OTA and in your opinion, why have they become so popular? How have they changed they way be book and shop for hospitality and tourism products/services?

4.What do you see as the future of the travel agent? What has changed? How has the consumer changed? Fully describe your point of view.

5. Here is a great discussion question...why should an independently owned and operated travel agency become affiliated with one of the consortia, cooperatives, or franchise groups? Please support your answer with a reference(s).

6.What major attractions are close to where you live? How have they impacted your local economy?

7. I want all of you to pick on tourism destination that you have always wanted to visit (but have not a chance to go yet). If you were to go there one day, what two attraction would you want to see/experience and why? Briefly describe these attractions in your post.

8.Let's discuss casino attractions. Why are casinos so popular with tourists? Name and explain three reasons. How have they changed over the past 25 years? Use citations in your post.

9. Why have theme parks changed the amusement park business so drastically? Identify the principal hppeals of theme parks and explain their growth trends.

10. Is shopping considered a tourist activity? If so, what are some famous shopping locations?

Reference no: EM13760063

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