What legal or policy arguments favor the defendant

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Jane is injured in a motor vehicle accident and is bedridden for 3 months.   During that time, her sister: Janet, who was unemployed, offered to come and help.  Instead, Jane's husband, who was employed full time, took an unpaid leave of absence from his employment in order to care for his wife.   Janet only came for occasional visits.

The cost of a housekeeper/nursing aid in Jane's town is approximately $5 per hour.   John's employment pays $10 per hour. 

1. What damages relating to her care will Jane argue that she should receive as part of her damages award? 

2. What legal arguments are available?

3. What policy or moral arguments are available? (the two may overlap)

4. Is this question concerned with special or general damages?

5. What position will the defendant take? What legal or policy arguments favor the defendant?

6. Can the court award any damages for his services to Jane's husband, John? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131379757

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