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One of your responsibilities as an officer of a financial institution is to decide whether or not to purchase (at a discount) the promissory notes that are payable to customers. What criteria should you use in making your decision to purchase these notes?

Your company, which is self-insured, faces thousands of products liability suits. The potential liability could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Other than these suits, your company is financially sound and profitable. Should your company consider filing for bankruptcy protection? Please why or why not.

Your company operates a successful manufacturing plant in Ohio. The president of the firm wants to establish a second plant. You are charged with the responsibility of finding another location in the United States. What legal factors would you consider in reviewing possible sites and making a recommendation to the president?

Reference no: EM13788364

Us drug laws

U. S. drug laws-Consider the following argument: There are many arguments for the elimination or modification of current U. S. drug laws, but one of the most persuasive invo

What substantial interest was congress trying to protect

What substantial interest was Congress trying to protect with these laws? What substantial government interest is Congress attempting to protect with the National DNC List? W

Create the new organizational chart

Select a method of reorganization and create the new organizational chart. Provide your rationale for the changes made including why it is efficient, how is this better financ

Strategic information systems

What are the challenges posed by strategic information systems and how should they be addressed?List and describe the management challenges posed by strategic information syst

Impact of the us supreme court decisions

Common Assignment: Written assignment analyzing the impact of the US Supreme Court decisions on the management of prisons Prepare a written analysis on the impact of the US

What are the three basic services provided by parole agency

What are the three basic services provided by a parole agency? How does the independent model of parole administration differ from the consolidated model? What are the advanta

Explain these changing paradigms

Throughout the years, changing paradigms have affected security risk management. Write a 900-1100 word paper in which you explain these changing paradigms according to each cr

Do you believe the employer''s actions were legal

Conduct research to provide examples to support your position and use your own personal employment experiences when possible. Have you observed situations where an employee


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