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One of your responsibilities as an officer of a financial institution is to decide whether or not to purchase (at a discount) the promissory notes that are payable to customers. What criteria should you use in making your decision to purchase these notes?

Your company, which is self-insured, faces thousands of products liability suits. The potential liability could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Other than these suits, your company is financially sound and profitable. Should your company consider filing for bankruptcy protection? Please why or why not.

Your company operates a successful manufacturing plant in Ohio. The president of the firm wants to establish a second plant. You are charged with the responsibility of finding another location in the United States. What legal factors would you consider in reviewing possible sites and making a recommendation to the president?

Reference no: EM13788364

Differentiate not guilty and acquitted

Define a criminal investigator's role in preparing a case for court. Analyze the manner in which the investigator cooperates with the prosecutor to enhance the courtroom pre

Determine the claims of the tenant and the landlord

Suppose you are the judge, and a case is presented before you where a tenant is facing eviction. The landlord has been in constant contact with the tenant and is able to suppl

Does negotiated rulemaking result in better regulations

Does negotiated rulemaking result in better regulations and is it perceived as more valid by the interested parties? Why is it a better process than regulations generated th

Qualifications and skills of the employees

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word report that details the psychological support framework. Include the following in your report: The size of the agency AND Qualifications and skill

Negotiate a lease for the restaurant premises

Jurisdiction. Joe, a resident of New Jersey, wants to open a restaurant. He asks his friend Kay, who is an experienced attorney and a New Yorker, for her business and legal ad

Running the right play in the right country

Why has eBay become such a successful and diverse online marketplace? Visit the eBay website to help with your answer and check out the many trading categories, specialty site

Distinguish between legal and employee rights

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Where the offices are located

You need to create a fictional organization (or a real one) for which you will give a presentation. You should describe the organization in detail, providing necessary infor


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