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Snyder, Wenger, and McDermott suggest that practice-based learning communities have been in existence since the dawn of man. They go on to claim that knowledge has become the key to success and that it is simply too valuable of a resource to be left to chance. Therefore, companies need to understand precisely what knowledge will give them a global competitive advantage. How can organizations best cultivate communities of practice? Why? How can they best determine what knowledge will give them a global competitive advantage and what knowledge will not? Why?

Reference no: EM13957408

We change in order to improve his chances of recovery

On November 7, 2010, Edward Nicholson issued a check in the amount of $21,000 payable to the order of Michael Kittinger based upon Kittinger's fraudulent representations conce

Capacity-How many expresso machines does coffee shop

Capacity: from the data below determine the number of expresso machines needed to meet demand in the local Coffee Shop in the mall. The company works one shift or 8 hours per

Find techniques to enhance design of work processes

Knowledge of Total Quality Management marketing that focuses on meeting customers' needs and practices to help build a customer-focused culture. Evaluate techniques to enhan

Product functionality is the key to brand success

This activity will allow you to identify how marketers go to great lengths to differentiate and stress form and not function, even in low-end product categories. The form vers

Excellent system for handling his regular patients

L. Winston Martin (an allergist) has an excellent system for handling his regular patients who come in just for allergy injections. Patients arrive for an injection and fill o

Behavioral targeting-your privacy is the target

Do you wonder why you start seeing display ads and pop-ups just after you’ve been searching the Web for a car, a dress, or cosmetic product? Well, you’re right: So how common

Discuss the requirements from an operations perspective

Discuss the requirements from an operations perspective of competing on (a) quality, (b) cost , (c) flexibility, (d) speed, (e) innovation, and (f) service. Give examples of m

Requesting federal funding for a park-and-ride project

A large eastern city is requesting federal funding for a park-and-ride project. One of the requirements in the request application is a network plan for the design phase of th


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