What kinds of moral implications

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Read the following article: https://news.stanford.edu/2017/05/22/stanford-scholars-researchers-discuss-key-ethical-questions-self-driving-cars-present/

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What kinds of moral implications do you think programmers will need to consider when creating AI applications?

Reference no: EM132281105

Identify the location of the loop

Give an algorithm for finding an ordered word pair (e.g., "New York") occurring with the greatest frequency in a given webpage. Which data structures would you use? Optimize

Calculate the total income and substitution effects

Xiao-Ping has 24 hours a day to divide between work and leisure, and her boss allows her to work as many hours as she wants.  She has $8 per day of non-labor income, and she w

What settings to use in the loft settings dialog box

The base has a diameter of 7", and the lamp is 13.7" tall. Determine how many cross-sectional profiles you need and what settings to use in the Loft Settings dialog box. Sav

Outlier payment calculation to determine

The Safe-Cross® guidewire is present on the following claim. Complete an outlier payment calculation to determine whether this claim would qualify for a high cost outlier pa

Develop an efficient algorithm for computing four vertices

A line specified by two endpoints and a width can be convened to a rectangular polygon with four vertices and then displayed using a scan-line method. Develop an efficient a

Design moduleaccept an integer store input in the reference

Design a module, using pseudocode, named getNumber, which uses a reference parameter variable to accept an Integer argument. The module should prompt the user to enter a num

Describe the circuit connection of the ascx30an

Describe the circuit connection of the ASCX30AN and the voltage level shifting and scaling circuit, and write a program to measure and display the barometric pressure in uni

How could one build a model to represent total traveling

There are several factors that affect transportation costs. I would like you all to explore costs that are associated with demand elasticity on a single user's transportation


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