What kinds of moral implications

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Read the following article: https://news.stanford.edu/2017/05/22/stanford-scholars-researchers-discuss-key-ethical-questions-self-driving-cars-present/

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What kinds of moral implications do you think programmers will need to consider when creating AI applications?

Reference no: EM132281105

The capabilities of today''s smartphones

20 years ago, no one could have predicted the capabilities of today's smartphones. 10 years ago, when the smartphones of today were in their infancy, there were hints and clue

Operation and use of the internet

Locate a current reference that lists the important protocols that are members of the TCP/IP protocol suite. Explain how each protocol contributes to the operation and use of

Design and implement a simulation of the game of volleyball

Design and implement a simulation of the game of volleyball. Normal volleyball is played like racquetball, in that a team can only score points when it is serving. Games are

Why it is necessary to choose appropriate data types

Why it is necessary to choose appropriate data types for each data column. How must a database designer balance the time to complete data modeling steps with the benefits th

Resources to gain an understanding

Review industry websites, and academic resources to gain an understanding of the most commonly used methods to illegally access network assets and business and personal data

What code would be generated for t[3]

Choose your favorite computer architecture. Show the code that would be generated for s.c[5] assuming s is statically allocated at address 1000. What code would be generated

Develop an activity diagram for the scenario

Using the Activity Diagram above, produce a system sequence diagram, i.e. only include two swimlanes - one for the actor (PSSM employee) and the other for the entire system

System of linear equations

Create a MATLAB function M-file called my_matrix_solver to solve a system of linear equations, using nested for loops instead of MATLAB's built-in operators or functions. Yo


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