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2. Rhetorical Analysis of Written Texts


Rhetorical Analysis of Chapter XII "Black Magic and Its Expose" OR Chapter XIII "Enter the Hero"

Description of Assignment: In this assignment, you will analyze a chapter in Mikhail Bulgakov'sThe Master and Margarita to determine its rhetorical effectiveness.

Rhetorical Situation:

Who is the author?

What is his purpose?

For whom is he writing?

What is the occasion (the historical, social and political context) relevant for understanding the rhetorical situation?


Give a brief summary of the chapter. How does Bulgakov use setting, characters, situation and language to engage his readers and communicate his message?

Analyze the effectiveness of content for achieving rhetorical purpose

Find quotations from the text that show how Bulgakov tries to achieve his rhetorical purpose in this chapter. What is he trying to show his readers and how does he appeal to readers in each of these examples?

Does he use logos, ethos or pathos? Given the rhetorical context (audience, purpose, occasion) do you think he is effective? Where do you think he falls short?

Suggested Organization:

I. Introduction

A. Introduce author, book, chapter and rhetorical situation

B. Thesis: Is the author successful in achieving his purpose?

II. Body Paragraphs (at least three)

A. Topic sentence explaining how the author uses setting, characters or situations to achieve his rhetorical purpose

B. Example (quotation or paraphrase) with proper MLA citation

C. Analyze: What is he trying to tell his readers in this passage? What kind of rhetorical appeals does he use? Is he effective? Why or why not?

D. Transition sentence to the next example

III. Conclusion:

Was the author effective? What could he have done differently to be more effective?

Length: 750-1000 words

Reference no: EM131436187

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