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Research questions come from imagination and can be enriched by science, art, music, and literature. Identify a book you have read or a television show or movie you have watched. What kind of research question can you pull from this work? Here are some examples to get you started:
"Pride and Prejudice" (Jane Austen): In what ways do perceptions of social status relate to choices in a relationship partner?

"Clueless" (Amy Heckerling): How does an intervention involving vocabulary lessons, a new wardrobe, and instructions on which social groups to befriend affect ratings of popularity from fellow high school students?

Reference no: EM13884172

Promotion of healthy sexual development

As the counselor, explain to the boys' teacher whether their behavior is indicative of sexual abuse. Remember to reflect on the research you have learned about, and give det

Compare christos tsiolkas barracuda novel with loaded novel

Compare Christos Tsiolkas's Barracuda novel with his Loaded novel. Comment on anything you see fit in relation to the interests of the unit we have looked at this semester.

Long-term sociological impacts of terrorism

What will be the long-term sociological impacts of terrorism on the United States? What are the differences between religious and political terrorists?

Identify homeland security report

Identify a homeland security report that utilizes a frequency distribution to create a histogram. Explain what the report is and what the histogram represents.

Glycoside formed between vanilla and glucose

Vanillin, the principle component of vanilla, occurs in vanilla beans and other natural sources as a beta-d-glucopyranoside (ie. as a glycoside formed between vanilla and gl

Discuss how europeans reacted to the plague

What was the Black Death? Why is it difficult for historians to understand the Great Plague? Using examples from one of his chapters, discuss how Europeans reacted to the

Rad to participants in the asch line judgment study

Design an experiment using a staged manipulation to test the hypothesis that when people are in a good mood, they are more likely to contribute to a charitable cause. Includ

Branding-pricing and distribution

Create the domestic and global product branding strategy. Determine and detail the optimum pricing strategy. Examine how your pricing strategy supports your branding strategy.


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